Choosing the Right Chimney: Significance, Tips, and Much More

Kitchen chimney
You do have a perfect image of your dream kitchen in your head, right? Well let’s add to your imagination, you are cooking a favorite meal for your loved ones and the cooker is whistling and the aroma of roasted spices is filling your kitchen. It sounds so delicious in imagination but do you know that in reality, this scenario can be so unpleasing if you miss out on one item from your kitchen. Yes, you guessed it correct, if your modular kitchen no matter how beautiful it is, misses the chimney it will change your entire experience. 

There is nothing new in saying that cooking does involve lots of smoke and especially when Indian food is been cooked the roasting and frying of spices include a bit much. Thus, it will definitely leave an impression on your kitchen ceiling, tiles, and cabinet which will not be good. So having the chimney will protect your kitchen surfaces from getting soiled due to the sticky fumes by absorbing the smoke from your cooking process. There are numerous kitchen chimneys that can be seen online but choosing the right one is not easy. 

Here through this blog, we will be offering you a useful insight about the Chimneys, and their types and also provide you the expert tips and tricks that can help you make the correct decision about your chimney choice matching your modular kitchen style. 

Factors to be considered before buying any Chimney


Kitchen wall Chimney


You cannot deny the fact that the market of chimneys offers you varieties for your modular kitchen. But the real question is can you trust any of these? No, there are different ways or factors of tips that you must follow before you make up your mind for any specific chimney style or brand. Here our experts have thrown light upon some of the major factors that one must keep in mind while choosing the right chimney. 

  • Size: This is the first thing that you need to analyze before you finalize the chimney for your modular kitchen. Chimneys do add a perfect touch and are useful for your kitchen but they need to be within the size that you require. Now, this can be tricky because you will be required to look for the chimney that is suiting the size of your kitchen and also the stove that you use. 
  • Chimney motor: Another vital component within chimney that you must consider before you buy any chimney is the motor quality that it comes with. The ideal motor should include high starting torque. It should allow the variable speed selection according to your requirement. The motor plays a vital role in maintaining the longer life of chimney and low noise production while it works.
  • Chimney Filter: Another vital factor that you need to consider before you say yes to the chimney design is the filter that it uses. There are different types of filters within the chimney that depends upon the material, filtering process, and structure of the chimney. These filters are efficient in trapping the solid particles while allowing the smoked to pass out of the chimney through its suction power. The filters also prevent the foul smell that might linger after the cooking process.        

Reasons that make chimneys vital for your kitchen




Up till now, you have understood well the significance that chimney holds for your perfect modular kitchen. We also have mentioned a few vital factors that you must consider before you choose the chimney. Here we will enlighten you with some of the major reasons that will help you understand the requirement of the chimney in a better and sorted way. 

  • The first position in this list goes to preventing the kitchen tiles, cabinets, and ceiling from getting dirty due to the fumes within the kitchen while the cooking process. Dreaming of the best modular kitchen is not enough you need to make sure that it stays the same and functions smoothly in long run. Having a chimney will offer you the same assurance. 
  • Secondly, comes the reason which might sound commercial to you but is very vital in today’s time. And it is that the right chimney style can add more stars to your kitchen looks. You can always say yes, to a perfectly complete look of a modular kitchen and it is possible when the chimney is attached to it. 
  • Thirdly, reducing the excess heat from the kitchen stands as one of the reasons for installing a chimney. While you cook the smoke can easily pass through the chimney due to its suction power and it helps in maintaining the temperature in the atmosphere of the kitchen and enhances your cooking experience. 

Benefits of using electric chimneys


Benefits of using electric chimneys


Not one or two but there are multiple advantages that you can enjoy when you install an electric chimney within your modular kitchen. Let us offer you a close look at a few major ones and they are:

  • You will be enjoying comfortable cooking after when you install a chimney in your kitchen. It is due to its suction power the steam and heat generated from the smoke while cooking will get absorbed. It will prevent you from sneezing or coughing due to the strong aroma of spices and thus the cooking will be done in an easy and clean way. 
  • There will be no toxic pollutants or gases mixed with your kitchen air when you have a chimney installed in your kitchen. The electric chimney can keep the air clean while you cook and also bring down the carbon monoxide level. And when you have clean air while you cook the generation of unwanted bacteria and other germs can easily be prevented. 
  • Generally, the eclectic chimney hood comes with internal lighting which enhances the lighting system of your kitchen. It adds an attractive look and completes your modular kitchen. With the electric chimney, you can protect the ceilings and walls of your kitchen by keeping them clean from the smoke while you cook. 

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